Lubbock Snow Pictures
I snapped a few pictures around the ol' office space and it occurred to me that you're probably doing the same thing. It's not often that we get this much snow in Lubbock, and it almost never happens this late in the year.
Yep, it's a SNOW DAY! Take off your pants and go play outside. Up to three inches of snow is expected in a short time, in what could definitely be considered "near blizzard conditions". Tx-Dot is also suggesting that you NOT travel on I-27. If there's an upside to this, i…
Over 170 Accidents in Lubbock on Sunday, Really?
There were somewhere between 170 and 180 reported accidents on Sunday. This excludes those tiny bumper bumps and things people didn't call in. Are you freaking serious? How is that there are that many dumbasses in one town? According to officials this is about an average amount of accidents that we …
Careful: Dumb Sumbitchs On The Road
Uh, the first snow.  It's beautiful in it's purity and cleansing just by it's presence.  It does what it can to cleanse us of the stupid with the dozens upon dozens of accidents. Since you are not one of these "dumb sumbitchs', click through  for more pros…
Six Injured At Cowboys Stadium
I thought we had problems with snow. Imagine huge sheets of ice coming at you from 200 feet. As you can imagine, that's enough velocity to hurt people. Read more after the break.
Lubbock Closes Playa Lakes
The City of Lubbock is finding it necessary to protect dumbasses from actin' a fool (yeah I said it, and there's no better way to say it). As of right now, all playa lakes are closed. Check out more out of the break.
It’s Just Snow Dumbass!
It's just snow.  Don't freak out.  You don't have to have three days of food.  You don't need special ops winter training.  Driving sucks, but if you go slow you'll be alright.  But just in case, there are some special videos for you after the jump.

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