My drunk kitchen
My girl Hanna Harto is back with another edition of "My Drunk Kitchen". What better time would there be to be drunk in the kitchen then on Superbowl Sunday? Hanna is getting smashing and cooking up "Pigs in a blanket" for the bash. More after the jump.
See “Space Babies” Here [VIDEO]
Yes, its true, and this commercial confirms it:  babies come from space.  I personally always thought it was when a girl accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed, but now, I know what's up.  More after the jump.
A Story For You Patriot Haters [AUDIO]
Every football player has to dream of playing in the Superbowl. It's the culmination of all the training and work you did for the rest of the year. Now, wouldn't it suck if you found out THE NIGHT BEFORE THE Superbowl that you aren't invited?  Wait until you hear this story, afte…

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