‘Doctor Strange’ Post-Credits Scenes Revealed!
It should go without saying that this post contains major spoilers for Doctor Strange — specifically the mid- and post-credits scenes from the Sorcerer Supreme’s big debut. In addition to introducing new mystical elements (and threats), Doctor Strange establishes some very interesting …
Avengers Haters Assembled!
I did not like the last Batman movie. Sure it had it's moments, but for the most part, it was just too involved for a superhero movie. You have to remember, if we start thinking too much during a superhero movie, then we realize how dumb everything happening in it truly is. Now, on the other side, I…
Kat Dennings: Thor Goddess [PICS]
Kat Dennings is one of the stars of Thor. She was also in Nick & Norah and 40 Year Old Virgin. We never noticed she was quite so buxom. Yummers!
Get More Thor [VIDEO]
The international trailer for Thor offers quite a bit more of the movie than the current U.S. trailer. The only problem? French subtitles. Ignore them and check out the original Hammer.
Thor Trailer
Are you ready for more Thor? And help me with this comic book geeks, how can Captain America be "the first avenger" if you include Thor?