Angry Lubbock Folks Lose It Over TV Weather Coverage
Whenever there's a chance of severe weather, Lubbock meteorologists, weather people and others spring into action. They can often appear excited and maybe a little overzealous, but in their hearts, they just want to keep people safe and explain all the things they studied and are geeked-up…
Tornadoes Ravage Midwest, Southeastern U.S. [VIDEO]
It's been one hell of week for many communities in the Midwest and Southeastern United States, and with another very vicious day taking its toll on the far Eastern part of the U.S. Tuesday, the first serious outbreak of 2014 is a sinister reminder of how powerful nature is.
Tornadoes Rip Through The Midwest Sunday
With an unusual weather pattern for this late in the year, the National Weather Service was right on the money with the designation of Sunday afternoon being a "high risk" for a tornado outbreak over the Midwestern states.
5 First-Person Tornado Videos From Joplin, MO [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]
The tornado that slammed Joplin, MO on May 22, like the others around the country recently, has resulted in stunning first-person video accounts. With the popularity of video capability on smartphones (not to mention digital cameras) we are now not only seeing the damage closer than ever, but we are…