I don't know when a local TV station started complaining about the lack of tornado sirens, but it seems like forever ago.

Hey, I could be wrong, but the need for tornado sirens was a constant back when people watched TV news. Let's assume that they had the best interests of the community at heart. After all, when they started this campaign they didn't know they were shooting themselves in the foot and that they could keep people up to date on their own app. It's kind of weird that this thing always seemed like a media push instead of a community call for action. Anyways, this takes us to where we are now.

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Technology has outpaced the need for loud, blaring horns. It's your granddad's solution and is 100 percent outdated technology. If you need proof, just wait until that next Amber Alert wakes you up. You could also sign up for Lubbock Alert and get all the information you need. Everyone you know either has a smartphone or is close to someone who does. And yes, this includes the homeless people checking messages between cars at the intersections.

As the new sirens come online, they will be tested and tested again. You will be conditioned to just ignore them after a while. Also, a horn does not give you any information at all; it just honks. And, wait for it...it'll just be a matter of time before someone petitions the city to add to the reasons why we should honk those big ol' tooters.


This first time these things wake me up, I'm ruining someone's day. I get to choose how I want my life to be interrupted. It's not the job of anyone to "help me" if I don't want to be helped. We should have built a park or something with that cash.

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