Whenever there's a chance of severe weather, Lubbock meteorologists, weather people and others spring into action. They can often appear excited and maybe a little overzealous, but in their hearts, they just want to keep people safe and explain all the things they studied and are geeked-up about.

Unfortunately for the TV watchers out there, these storms most frequently happen during prime time programming. Trust me, the TV people wish tornados didn't happen right when they're making the most off ad dollars. This leads to people getting furiously mad about the interruptions to their TV programs. Well, shut up.

Part of the licensing of TV (and radio stations) is providing local coverage of events like this. It may not be directly spelled out that way, but it's just being a good corporate citizen to let people know that they could be injured or die.

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Still, the flaming of the television stations by their own audiences is terrible. You have to truly be a horrible, selfish and awful person to be more concerned about your dumb program than the folks who are counting on this information to make informed judgments about their safety.

In short, the TV people are doing the job they are hired to do. Those who don't like it have a couple of huge options in front of them: they can turn the channel, or turn the TV off. Instead, so many choose to whine about it and then double down by making an ass out of themselves on social media.

To make this even shorter: if you don't like it, don't watch.

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021

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