We've all heard this was coming- fast food created with very little to no human contact required. A Fort Worth, Texas McDonald's is testing the concept with an automated drive-through and pick-up area. Tiktoker foodiemunster gives us a 30-second tour of the facility:


Many big chain fast food concepts already have the order kiosk inside- there's a Taco Bell near where I live that only provides the kiosk as an ordering option if you want to eat inside.

Honestly, I prefer it, as it makes customizations easy and I don't feel awkward asking for them. I'm sure the employees appreciate it too, because if a mistake is made in inputting the order, clearly the only culprit is the customer.

But I am just not sure about the conveyor belt at the drive-through. Like foodimunster said, he had to unbuckle to even reach his bags. I am a short person, so I'll have to lean halfway out of my car. Also, and I know this is a "boomer" way to feel- I kinda like having a small, friendly interaction with my drive-through person.

As a Taurus, I'm always extremely excited and grateful for my food, and I think a sincere "thank you" must be nice to get from a customer when you're working hard. But, it's also quite possible they don't care and I'm only making myself happy. And, of course, there are always grumpy people in drive-throughs, too. I don't get that at McDonald's- you are about to receive the world's crispiest soda- why the attitude?

It is my hope that with more automation comes more pay for the people left inside to operate everything, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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