With school less than a week away several families are scrambling to make sure thier kids have every thing they need to start the new school year out in style.

Those of us parents that happen to be raising children in Texas have a little bit of a break from the high prices on all the "cool" stuff the kiddies need for school since this weekend is the official tax free weekend.

From the look of the signs on stores and from talking to store employees at various shops around town I have been able to find out that just about every store will be offering extra saving to draw the crowds in and get them shopping.

Everything from pants to shirts, to sock, and underware are all going to be on sale. Some items may not be on sale but tax free.

Here are a few items you can buy tax free this weekend:

School supplies! Think binders, pens, notebooks, children's backpacks, and anything like that. Now is the time to buy not only for your kiddos, but also for yourself and your business.
Clothes under $100 an item. Shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, baby clothes, men's, women's, and children's, underwear, sock, pajamas, robes, gloves, swimsuits, and other everyday clothing priced less than $100.
diapers?????? Who goes to school wearing diapers anyway?

Ok and here is a list of some items that will not be included in the tax free shopping:
Clothing or school supply items prices over $100.
Cleats, bowling shoes, golf shoes, rubber boots, fishing boots, work boots, and ski boots.
Adult backpacks and laptop bags
Accessories like jewelry, hair bands, head bands, handkerchiefs,
Hard hats

I you ask me if a person is willing to go to school wearing a diaper,a hard hat and golf shoes they should get the discount, but they don't ask me.

Here's a tip from Woody about how to b sure you get the size, color and style you really want.... go to the store now and try stuff on, them put it in layway until the weekend. This way you dont have to deal with the other people trying on the clothes you want or the sizes you need being gone.

With the time you save from not having to try on clothes or wait in line you can take woody to lunch, or buy her a drink to keep her nerves calm (she just realized she has to go back to work too)If you plan to be at the mall for the majority of your shopping be patient,be kind, and be safe, we want everyone to start school on Monday.Have fun just watch out for the other guy.