Seems Donald Trump isn't the only one playing the Birther card when it comes to fellow presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

With the Iowa caucuses less than a week away, the race for the Republican nomination could come down to just a few votes in The Hawkeye State.

If one man has his way, next weeks winner won't be Ted Cruz.

An unnamed protester has taken it upon himself to let the fine folks of Iowa know that Ted Cruz should be disqualified from the Oval Office because is was born in Calgary, Alberta -- the same Canadian province that is home to Nickelback.

Personally, having had the opportunity of going on the road with Nickelback back in the day, I've always wondered where such hatred for the band comes from?

Every show I witnessed from Fort Wayne, Indiana to right here to Lubbock, Texas had 15,000-plus adoring fans screaming at full throat.

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