I was having dinner with a friend from California the other night, and y'all, he literally put some wadded-up napkins in his ears to filter out my loud voice. It wasn't very comfortable when he pointed it out, but I've got to admit, I am a VERY loud talker. I can't help it. I usually blame it on my career in radio, but it turns out, I'm not the only loud Texan, far from it.

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash
Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

A recent study by Preply found that Texans are the 7th loudest talkers in the United States. What's even more interesting, is that 84% of Texans think it's rude when someone is speaking too loudly! We don't even realize how loud we are. It all makes sense now...

According to their data, the loudest talkers in the U.S. are from Louisiana, followed by Florida, and then New Jersey coming in at third. Georgia takes 4th place, South Carolina comes in 5th, and then Michigan ranks just above Texas in 6th place.

So who among us is the softest-spoken? West Virginia. It looks like that Southern charm keeps them at a more reasonable volume.

Have people told you that you're loud? Don't worry. We all are. Loud and proud, I'd say! I don't plan on turning my volume down any time soon.

Are you surprised by this study? Tell me what you think in a comment wherever you come across this article, and stay tuned for more Texas-based fun, facts, and news in the galleries below...

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