The cold air is smacking Texans in the face right now and it's no fun. We are frozen and cranky and wondering if it will ever be warm again. The pipes burst and my apartment building flooded this morning, disabling the elevators. I ended up walking down 17 flights of stairs. Not the greatest start to my day. I'm just hoping the elevators are up and running by the time I get home today. Walking up them sounds daunting AF.

You're probably dealing with similar issues. We're all in this together!

To be on the safe side, you might like to revisit the top 3 biggest concerns Texans are currently facing due to these extreme temperatures. This information could help you save someone's life or even your own.

Texans Should Prepare For These 3 Weather-Related Threats

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For more helpful tips on staying prepared for the bad weather, check out the gallery below of helpful items to keep on hand.

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