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There are some wild things that people manage to catch on video. A perfect example is this video posted by Tiktok user @mariee.1kk of a man getting hit by a car while riding an electric scooter.

Warning: NSFW Language

At the start of the video, you can hear the girl filming talking about how she doesn’t understand why people are always using the scooters to get around. As she says this, you can see a man riding what looks like a Bird scooter ahead of the car the girl is filming from. You can clearly see that they're approaching a red light, but the man on the scooter either doesn’t see the red light or is ignoring it as he keeps moving.

The man goes out of view for a moment as the car in front of the person filming blocks him. The next thing you see is the man flying a few feet off the ground across the street as a black SUV passes him.

After being hit by a car and flying across the entire road, you would think that he'd be severely injured and would stay on the ground. However, the man simply stands up after landing and starts to walk away down the sidewalk before the video cuts. The video ends too soon to see if the SUV stopped to check on the man, although it does look like the man was hit due to his own fault of not stopping at the light. The car that hit him seemed to drive away, which is entirely unacceptable and illegal.

It's crazy that the person filming managed to catch this all on tape. I hope that the man who got hit is okay. I also hope that he learned to watch where he's going when using the electric scooters. It's way too common to hear of stories like this where people riding electric scooters either cause or end up in accidents like this. Scooters can be a great resource, but you have to be careful when using them.

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