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Texas shoe brand Zombie Peepshow takes the art of beautiful shoes and pushes them into creative realms never dreamed possible, all while remaining actually wearable and walkable.

It's a feat of artistic ingenuity and engineering know-how, paired with a chemist's knowledge of proper adhesive techniques. And the results are breathtaking, show-stopping, statement shoes.

Proprietor Kayla Stojeck is originally from Lubbock, Texas, and now resides in the Austin area. You might even recognize a former FMX DJ as one of her models. So Lubbock does have a soul/sole in this art.

Zombie Peepshow has produced hundreds of shoes, some with long runs, and some completely one-of-a-kind. I asked Stojeck to share her personal favorites. They are all so stunning, so head-turning, and so...badass!

Ready for your own pair? Head over to Zombie Peepshow on Etsy and find the shoes or hat that perfectly suits you. Kayla does shoes for guys too, and is always happy to take the challenge of a custom request.

Zombie Peepshow Favorites


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