According to a recent data analysis by Wallethub, Texas ranks high as being a sinful state, coming in at number three, right behind Nevada and California.

But what makes a state sinful? This analysis was based on 47 key indicators of "immoral or illicit behavior." The larger categories look a lot like the seven deadly sins, with avarice, lust, pride, sloth, etc. all making an impact on the final overall score.

I'm proud and relieved to say that Texas only ranked no. 25 (so at the median of states) for anger and hatred, but picked up the slack in lust and jealousy. Anger and hate were based on violent crime, sex offenders per capita, bullying, road rage, abuse, and other similar data.

Texas did score really high for "jealousy" and "lust." Jealousy centered around theft, identity theft and fraud. Lust was teen birth rate, Google porn searches and people arrested for prostitution.

You can see Wallethub's full breakdown if you're a data dork like me.

Texas doesn't feel like a particularly sinful place to me, and it appears that we scored just high enough on a lot of different categories to end up with our top three ranking. Of course, "sinful" is a personal value judgment.

Here's my hot-take for this article: prostitution should be legal and regulated to prevent human trafficking. There are folks who could benefit from the therapeutic nature of human touch. Also, it's just not any of my dang business.

As a Texan, I feel like Texas is filled to the brim with wonderful and kind people. One thing this study didn't do was to compare Texans' "sins" against acts of good. I believe we more than make up for the bad.

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