When I registered for classes for the upcoming Spring semester, I was absolutely delighted by how many classes are available online.

As an adult human with a full time 9 to 5ish job, being on campus just isn't practical or even possible most days for me. I was told there would likely be no way for me to avoid having to take some classes in person due to my major and minor, and yet here we are. I'm nearly done and I haven't set foot on campus in years except to get re-enrolled and to see David Sedaris read from his new book. (That was amazing, by the way.)

I understand that this broadening of TTU's online offerings is due in a huge way to the coronavirus pandemic, but I'm here to celebrate this silver lining. I hope other non-traditional students will benefit from this as well.

I can't imagine being in my early 20s and having so much of my social life dampened, if not totally eradicated. I'm sorry for those kids that must feel that they are missing out on a traditional college experience. But I would gently remind them that a traditional experience also includes hoofing it across one of the largest campuses by square feet in the world, and that as early as April it can be quite the sweaty endeavor. I remember clearly my first go-around consisting of landing breathlessly into the worst seat of an enormous lecture hall with soaked armpits. It's not a cute look.

So I'm here to celebrate learning from my couch, coffee in hand, and secret pajama pants out of the camera's view. I will warn any potential online student: it takes an enormous amount of self-discipline and time management to succeed in difficult classes that are conducted online. Truly, I have grown those skill sets by leaps and bounds over the last couple years. That's as valuable as anything else I've learned.

Whether you are at a desk on campus, or on your couch back home, welcome back, you darlings. Lubbock shines brightest when you are here, even if only virtually.

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