Our mascot is better than your mascot, and he's got the receipts.

As difficult as it can be to claim a national championship in one of the Big 3 sports at Texas Tech, there are some areas where Red Raider Nation is dominant. The carefully-cartoonishly mustachioed leader of our school spirit efforts has now gone back-to-back as the numero uno mascot in all the land.

This past weekend, Raider Red again took First Place at the National Collegiate Cheer And Dance Championships in Daytona Beach. Contestants were judged on creativity, dancing, pumping up the crowd, and effective use of props.

After performing a 90 second skit with a "Trip to New York" theme, Red walked away with the 10 pounds of gold (or some other prize...we didn't read too far into the press release and have been watching old Ric Flair videos) for the 2nd year in a row, besting Buzz from the University of Georgia, and Truman The Tiger from the University of...ahhh, who cares!

Raider Red is stylin' and profiln' as the WORLD CHAMPION!

Image: Youtube-rscotta831
Youtube via rscotta831

(^I'm gonna tell my kids that this was Ric Flair presenting Raider Red with his championship belt.)

So along with the countless championships that Texas Tech has won for its meat judgment team, you can hang the term "Back to Back" champ on Raider Red's door. (Wait...'meat judging,' you say? Oh, I thought they were verbally demoralizing the beef. My bad!)

What does Raider Red do next year when he goes for the three-peat? I'll leave the actual skit planning to him, but when the beloved mascot wins again this needs to be his acceptance speech:

Joey McGuire would approve.

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