Many different schools around the state, and nation, have school mascots that have been used to represent their schools for decades but should some be retired? It is 2023 and some local Seminole ISD students are currently urging the district to take action and change the school's mascot. The reason for this is that the school mascot is an Indian (Native American) which is seen as offensive by many people.

The mascot can be seen as offensive by many people as most school mascots are animals, objects, or even bouts of weather. Some people see the term Indian when referring to Native Americans as offensive and can be seen as making fun of that select group of people.

KAMC news reports that former Seminole ISD student Trey Davis tried to get the mascot changed when he attended the school and is still trying now that his children attend the school. There has been a trend in many schools around the country changing mascots that are deemed offensive such as those representing Native American culture. There are still many schools though with Native Americans, labelled as Indians, as school mascots.

Since being urged by students to change the mascot Seminole ISD has actually stopped using the mascot suit, for now. A petition has also been started to encourage the school district to change the mascot but as of now there is currently no suggested mascot if it were to change. Personally, I do believe the Seminole Buffaloes sounds way better as a school mascot.

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