David Gibbs, former defensive coordinator for the Houston Cougars, has been officially announced as the team's latest addition to the staff.

Zac Spavital, also from Houston, has been named a defensive assistant coach.

So, what does this mean for the Red Raiders?

Hopefully, more turnovers. Gibbs coached a Houston defense that caused 73 turnovers combined in the past two seasons. Tech forced 34 in that same span of time. Spavital, the new assistant coach, also coached under Gibbs and Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin back when he was at Houston. As we all know, Kliff was down in Houston during the same time doing offensive duties.

So, what does this mean for Mike Smith?

The interim defensive coordinator is still staying, and will yet again serve as the co-defensive coordinator with an emphasis on defensive line.

More than anything, I think this is a great move for a young secondary that needs to learn how to ballhawk much more if the team wants to find more success. Who knows? Maybe even some kids that wanted to go to Houston for Gibbs' defense will come up here, too.

Guns up!

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