Texas Tech is a fantastic place to get totally spooked this Friday when they host a haunted tour of the campus. Calculus and trigonometry aren't the only scary things you will find on campus and there is a lot of creepy history behind that university that might make it a bit hard for you to sleep this weekend. You won't want to miss this.

Admission is only $5, and the tour is from 8 until 11 p.m. on Friday, October 29th. The ghastly tour will be hosted by Texas Tech University's Military and Veterans Programs as well as Raider Power of Paranormal.

If you're interested in attending, grab some cash and head over to the Student Union Building.

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When I attended O.L. Slaton for junior high, we used to devote an entire day to talk about strange and creepy ghost stories that revolved around Texas Tech. If this tour is even half as scary as the stories Mrs. Ray from the theater department used to tell us, then folks are in for a real treat. You might want to bring a change of pants. Just saying.

There isn't information about the best places to park, so I would advise getting there early so you don't accidentally miss the tour. This is also a great time to grab those high school seniors and show them a little bit of the campus and the history that they may not know. It just might scare them into going to college. You never know.

Have fun guys, and don't forget to check under the bed when you get home.

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