First off, congratulations to Texas Tech on a stellar game at the 2021 AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

So, Tech did well. Let’s start right in with the questions:

Question #1: Was Matt Wells fired prematurely?

This was the team that Matt Wells put together. Trust me, interim head coach Sonnie Cumbie didn’t come in and change things that much in less than a half a season. Maybe folks should have been a bit more patient with Wells' work on the football field (even though it was obvious he didn’t care for Lubbock much).

Question #2: Why was Sonny Cumbie not hired for the head coaching position?

Cumbie came in and put a shellacking on Mike Leach's Mississippi State Bulldogs. He sure looked like a head coach out there to me.

Question #3: Shouldn't Texas Tech just pay Mike Leach already?

I guess some of you who can’t do math consider it “case closed” because we beat him on the field. Nopers! Every time Leach gets the spotlight and every time his name is brought up after he dies, his claim that Texas Tech owes him $2.5 million comes up. It seems like I’d offer him the cash if he’d agree to shut his mouth.

Question #4: Are we the Texas Tech Pumpjackers now?

Coach Cumbie apparently made a motivational note about pumpjacks always working to help inspire the squad, and it seemed to catch on a bit. Cumbie wore a giant golden pumpjack necklace and there was a mini-pumpjack on the sideline. It sure seems to be a cumbersome analogy to me, but hey, if it works, it works. So now Texas Tech is the Red Raider-Matador-Raider Red-Tortilla Throwing-Pumpjack team, I guess.

Question #5: Does the win even matter?

I’m going to say for the players who're committed to Texas Tech that it really does matter. For future prospects, I don’t think it does; there's just too much change associated with the program at this time.

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