We're going to pretend that bongs are vases for pretty flowers or something you put incense in, okay?

A friend of a friend started a little company making custom designer bongs for all of your floral needs (once again, we're pretending we don't know what a bong is for, 'cause hey, cops and stuff). People who enjoy these things tend to make it a little ritualistic and a special time, so not why have a special tool for the job?

What Little Ghost turns out is a little more than amazing.

These bongs are true works of art, custom-designed to fit the user's interests (the interests other than using bongs). When I see these bongs, it really makes me want to burn some incense in them, even though I haven't burned incense in a long time (keep playing along, somebody could be watching this page).

Anyways, check out these cool creations from Little Ghost and hit them up on Facebook or head directly to the online store if you need one of these cool vases/incense burners. (Thanks for playing along.)

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