This deserted pharmacy has been sitting on the corner of 34th and Slide for as long as I can remember. It was an Eckerds Pharmacy when I was a kid, then became a Walgreens a few years later. It eventually closed after a new CVS was built almost directly across the street from it.

Why hasn't anyone purchased the building or knocked it down? How many more years will it stand vacant? Who owns it? Will it be there forever? The questions abound.

I feel as though it needs a historical marker at this point. Maybe I'll visit it with my grandchildren someday and tell them the tale of the old abandoned pharmacy, haunted by the ghost of a disgruntled pharmacist. Some say you can still hear him sobbing after forgetting his place for the 5th time during a pill count.

"Was that 66 or 67? I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!"

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It clearly serves no purpose, and I would say it's been empty for at least 10 years if not more. It also became a terrible location for a business when Marsha Sharp Freeway was built. You can only get into the parking lot from one entrance, inconveniently located near the corner of the busy intersection. Probably not something at the top of the list for potential buyers.

For now, the building remains, if only to keep the Christmas tree farm behind it company while it awaits demolition. Or a buyer. Anything could happen, I guess. I'm betting it sits there another 10 or 20 years at this rate.

Be sure to tune in next time to "WTF is that old building still doing there?" We just might visit the empty supermarket next to Coronado. What a treat!

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