It's kind of odd to me the names that get dropped when people think of FMX.

The kind of names you're thinking of right now are what I would call "recent history". I talked about some of the real architects of FMX and it occurred to me that their names don't get mentioned all that much these days.

The first FMX Program Director and the guy that gave me a job was named "Bo Jaggers". I'm certain that isn't his real name and all I know is that he seemed to go around setting up radio stations all over the place. Among that early crew were Charlie Palmer, Harold Thompson, Ron Newsome, and Just Jesse. The first-morning show guy on FMX was a fellow who went by the name "Domino Rippey".  He was most famous for interviewing Chuck Norris and asking him if he "ever did 'ludes?".

Wes Nessman
*We were hanging with Iron Maiden while you were in diapers*  Dale Dudley, Bruce Dickinson, Wes Nessman.  Ph: Nessmania

Somewhere around that time, Nat Lamp came into the picture along with Cincy Stephens and Loris Lowe. Bobby Trebor (and the Beav) also did some mornings/afternoons and was followed by The Breakfast Flakes with Dale Dudley, a show I eventually joined. Also around this time, Miss Natalie hosted middays and Bill Batemen came to the party as the music director. Greg Stone, the future "Uncle Nasty" also joined the party around this time and I believe it was also around this time that Michael X. Ray joined in. Somewhere in there was the Morning Circus, followed by my return to town which begat the "Jacqui and Wes" show.

So there you go, I wanted to give these folks props. These are the people that built this radio station from the ground up that allowed the rest of us to have so much success over the last few decades.


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