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Finally, some news you can actually use. This house is currently the least expensive home for sale in Lubbock (according to Zillow) with an in-ground pool.

As a bonus, this $175,000 home is centrally located and nearly 2,000-square feet:

Spacious home in a great location. Plantation shutters, laminate wood floors, good carpet. Large sun room with full bath on your way out to the pool and spa. Rest poolside under the gazebo. The kitchen also makes a splash! Check it out. Bring your offer and your swimming suit!

With COVID-19 concerns everywhere, the last thing I personally want to do is jump into a giant bathtub with multiple strangers. I know that chlorine is a thing, but I'll never completely trust it to stop the spread of infectious diseases. And I certainly don't trust folks to not sneeze or open their mouths underwater. People do pee-pee in pools. People can be terrible.

So obviously, the best solution is to have your own dang pool. Luckily, Zillow lets you filter homes by amenities, so finding your perfect private pool is easy.

And in case you're Mr. Moneybags, the current most expensive home with a pool is a measly $1.6 million dollars. We can find that in the couch, right? But it actually seems well worth the asking price, as this monster house sits on seven acres.

Here are some more photos of this lovely and affordable house. FYI: I am in no way affiliated with a realtor, but if they get a sale off this post, I accept presents.

The Least Expensive House With a Pool In Lubbock (As of June 25th, 2020)

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