Madden NFL 21 has put their game to work and has built a prediction for Super Bowl LV. The Madden Spokesplayer takes us through the gameplay and, according to the game, the Kansas City Chiefs will repeat as Super Bowl champions on Sunday.

EA Sports's annual simulation of the Super Bowl has been going on since 2004 and the game is 11 for 17 in picking champions including nailing the Chiefs over the 49ers last season. Madden also predicted Mahomes would win the SB MVP last year, which he did.

In the Super Bowl LV version of Madden's big game, Mahomes' Chiefs beat Tom Brady's Buccaneers 37-27 with Mahomes earning MVP for the second straight season. The former Red Raider threw for 422 yards and four touchdowns in the simulation.

The game is tied at 27 all in the fourth quarter after a Rob Gronkowski touchdown with just six minutes remaining in the game. Mahomes then turns in a superman scramble and gets a 12-yard touchdown rush for his 5th touchdown of the day. Harrison Butker would add a field goal for good measure to win by 10.

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