The location at 50th and Utica Avenue is nothing new at sparking a lot of interest. It started first as Stella's and now taking over with a whole new renovation. El Malecon Mariscos & Bar only opened up a week ago and has Lubbock foodies excited.

So obviously for my first day of work and being a foodie myself, we had to check it out. When you first pull up to their location at 4646 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79414, it's a whole new look compared to what it used to be.

The blue color really does pull in your eye, but once you walk inside, man you're up for a surprise if you're used to what it looked like before.

It brings me all into my feels like I'm on the beach or a pirate ship. The hostess greets you with a big smile, and don't you worry, there's plenty of space and rooms to be seated. While it's known to be a Mexican restaurant, some might now know mariscos actually means 'seafood.'

While it has seafood in the name, don't worry if someone in your group does not like fish, they have you covered. I loved the wide variety to be able to choose from, and the pictures. I mean, it just seems to make it a little easier to pick what you want. Plus, if you want to make it fun, there's even entrees served out of a pineapple.

Kelsee Pitman
Kelsee Pitman

Now, for what you really came for: what did this foodie decide to eat. The chips and salsa was delicious and flavorful. The chips are those really crunch ones that you can't ever put down and the salsa has it's own flavor I've never tasted before. For lunch, I had this beautiful plate of meat you see above. It came with shrimp, chicken AND beef, but the best part was the amazing cheese sauce on top. While they gave me tortillas, my love for homemade ones was not impressed.

For all you 21 and older folks, get ready for the insane amount of options for drinks. Not only do they offer oyster shots (I mean, have you even heard of that?!), but all your favorites and everything under the rainbow, too. I mean, just look below at the gallery for some of the crazy options I saw.

Here are a few other options that other people at our table had that they said was fabulous as well.

If you have any recommendations for new places to try or restaurants/food trucks we have not covered please reach out to me at, we would love to feature as much about Lubbock and the South Plains as we can. I look forward to talking with you.

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