It took Jesse James Dupree over a year of jumping through hoops to make his own Kentucky whiskey available here in Texas. If your fan of Jesse and a whiskey drinker the wait is now over. The Original Jesse James America's Outlaw Whiskey is distilled in Kentucky, made with the finest home-grown ingredients and is aged for 36 months. It's Made in the U.S.A. for those outlaws who bust their ass all week long and live life to the fullest.

You can pick up your own bottle or case right now at Doc's or stop in Buca's at 52-University and give it a try. I asked Jesse what's the best way to order the whiskey at the bar, his response was "give me an Outlaw and 7 (or whatever soda you prefer) or give me a 7 and pistol whip it".

Sounds like a good idea...think I'll have me one right now!