Welcome back for another match up in the FMX Pillow Fight. Each week I will select two Twitter hotties and match them up against each other to see who is voted the sexier of the two and named the Pillow Fight Champion of the week. This week we see two all new competitors as last week's winner, Yolandi Malherbe, was inducted into the Pillow Fight Hall of Fame.

Let's get to know our two new competitors.

First we'll meet Stella James (left in photo). Stella, like Shantal who you'll meet shortly, does work for Playboy. She's also a big fan of one of my favorite rappers (yes, I know this is a rock website), Ghostface Killah. She even has a picture on her Twitter of her with a Wu-Tang tattoo! How awesome is that?!

Taking on Stella James will be fellow Playboy bunny, Shantal Monique (right in photo). Shantal is a full time student out in Arizona. The model and aspiring actress, like Stella above, is very active with her followers and fans through social media. Not quite sure her stance on Ghostface and Wu-Tang but, without knowing, she's still awesome.

Voting will run through 11:59 PM on Monday, June 25th. The winner of the Pillow Fight will return in next week’s match up while the loser will get to redeem herself in a future match up. If one of these girls wins four times in a row she’ll enter the FMX Pillow Fight Hall of Fame and we’ll send her something nice to congratulate her!

Stella James on Twitter: @GetStellaJames | Shantal Monique on Twitter: @Shantal_Monique

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