Congratulations are in order for model Yolandi Malherbe as she claimed her fourth victory in the Pillow Fight which is an automatic induction into the Pillow Fight Hall of Fame. Yolandi became the first ever Pillow Fight Hall of Fame inductee after the finished off Audrey Nicole in her final match up.

Yolandi's road started a month ago after she rallied her die hard fans and came from behind to score a big victory over Bianca Beauchamp. After that first victory, she put it in cruise control and blew out the three next competitors.

After that first victory Yolandi was destined to become a Pillow Fight Hall of Famer. Now that she is one we'll have to send her a little congratulatory package!

Readers of this article should do themselves the favor of following the ever so beautiful Yolandi on Twitter and becoming a fan of hers on Facebook.

Welcome to the Pillow Fight Hall of Fame, Yolandi. It's nice to know that our first inductee is one of the sexiest and most competitive girls on the face of the planet.

Let's celebrate with some of my favorite photos of Yolandi that she uploaded to her Twitter! Nothing beats a beauty like Yolandi!

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