Here at the RockShow we're always looking for new ways to tickle your giggle spot.  We think the addition of "The Brite Side" to the end of the show has been pretty fun (yeah, we spell it funny on purpose too). Well,  beginning Monday we have another new feature for you.

Shamelessly jumping on the themes of Maxim, FHM and other magazines, we're going to have a feature each day at 9:20 for men. It might be stories of where to see bikini babes, how to kill a man with a spoon or even how to make sweet sweet love to women. Yes, each day we'll get manly with our all new feature:



Yes "Men's Junk" will give men some man talk about being a man each day at about 9:20.  We hope you'll 'nut up' and join us for the fun. Oh you ladies are invited too, the more you know about 'Men's Junk' the better.

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