Yeah, it's been 32 years. In those 32 years we've stepped up to the plate 64 times. In those 64 times we've never been beaten or truly challenged by any other rock format. I wanted to take this brief moment to thank you for your support.  More after the jump.


From the Rockshow, To the Painman, Driver, Rooster and even our buds Guapo and Simon, thank you for landing us on top again.  We know that not only are there other radio stations out there, but there's a lot of other options out there. Still, more people get their FMX on worldwide than ever before.  Due to the feedback and love we get from our Lubbock friends we've got a station that not only kills it in the Hub, but is streamed around the world. We're proud to comfort soldiers in the Middle East and Pacific Rim and we're proud to rock the smaller towns like Ralls and Springlake-Earth.

We promise to keep it going for ya!  The show lineup is looking spectacular and we hope you can make some of those. We hope you remember you can get us online with our streaming and on your mobile phone with the Radiopup app.

I promised to keep it short and in fact I'd like to keep our dominance and pride to ourselves but there's always a few pretenders out there who will lie about their place in things if we don't firmly state ours.  So once again, thank you for #1 and keep rockin' with FMX!

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