Diedrich Bader is one of our favorite comedy actors. From Office Space to The Drew Carey Show, Napoleon Dynamite and beyond, he's constantly funny. And a really nice person too. So nice, in fact, that this is our second time to get him on the show.

Diedrich has an almost endless list of credits on IMDb. Most of them voices for cartoons. But he's been on everything from South Park, to Star Trek: The Next Generation, to Cheers and Frasier.

Now Diedrich is the co-star of a big comedy on ABC called American Housewife also starring Katy Mixon, who was a favorite of mine from HBO's Eastbound & Down. And he actually pretended to remember us from the last time we interviewed him too! So tune in Wednesday around 8:35 AM to hear our interview with Diedrich on The RockShow.

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