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I never realized people were so lazy that they would pick a fight over needing to check themselves out.

I've always preferred checking myself out when I buy my groceries or whatnot. It minimizes the chances of having an awkward interaction with someone and leaves me to my own devices. It really don't mind doing the "extra work" of waving my items over a scanner and bagging them myself.

It seems, however, that some people do have a major issue with having to do things themself.

I was scrolling through my various social media pages, finding stuff around Lubbock to write about, when I came across someone complaining about an employee of a certain chain not being allowed to check people out. Apparently the customer needed to buy some "anti-acid." No, not antacids. Anti-acid. We're off to a good start.

When the employee directed the customer to the self-checkout, they responded "I don't work here." Do you really expect to be monetarily compensated for the grueling task of lifting your jar of pills over the scanner, hearing the beep, and then paying for it? You're already going through the effort of handing an employee your items and handing over your card or whatever. You've added like, not even an entire step to the process.

Is it just that stressful imagining working in a retail environment yourself? Do you have to distance yourself that far from the peons who work in retail? Get over yourself.

It's not hard. If anything, it's considerate. Stop making poor minimum wage employees deal with your trash attitude. It won't kill you, I promise.

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