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Does it make you feel good going 50 miles an hour in your sports car down a residential road? Does it scratch some itch for you?

I'm sure this didn't need specifying, but loud cars irritate me. Actually, loud noises in general irritate me. However, there are times where loud noises are necessary and even welcome, like a concert. I expect it to be loud there. I do not expect it to be loud while I'm sitting in my living room.

I've lived in the same area for the past 3 years or so. I recently moved into a new apartment, but it was literally right across the street from my old one, so the area's the same. There have always been people who must think it's the raddest thing in the world to speed down a residential street with their engine blaring, alerting everyone within a half-mile radius to their existence.

Listen, I know everyone has their own hobbies and interests. Mine include video games, music, reading, that kind of stuff. Other people are into sports. Some people are into cars. They love working on cars, looking at cars, anything to do with cars, and that's okay! As long as your hobby isn't hurting anyone else, why would I care?

These freakin' people, though, they're a different story.

It's annoying. Do they know it's annoying? They have to, right? It's so loud. If I'm in a call with some friends in my bedroom they can hear when these people drive by on the street outside. That is ridiculous.

No one thinks it's cool. No one is gonna rush outside when they hear the "beautiful" sound of your engine to see who blessed their ears with such an entrancing melody. What happens is we get annoyed, frustrated, maybe even irate.

Are you compensating for something, perhaps?

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