The Texas Tech Club has a Kids Club. That's news to me. And tonight (Monday, July 10), they are hosting one of a series of kids cooking classes. This should be an awesome time for any kid of any cooking skill. 

Tonight from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Texas Tech Club on campus is one of a series of cooking classes for kids. Cooking, to me, is an essential life skill. And teaching kids to cook not only gives them knowledge they can use their whole lives, but also imparts kitchen safety in our kids. Since many accidents in the home happen with burns or cuts from the kitchen, the safety aspect is an invaluable bonus in my opinion. Plus, this class is only $10!

Go to the Texas Tech Club's Facebook page for contact and registration info. Or just read the release below.

"The Texas Tech Club Kids Club is excited to begin our cooking classes for our youngest Members this summer! The second class will focus around preparing the perfect side dishes taught by the best Chef around town, Martin Portales! Only 3 classes left to turn your tiny chef into a true gourmand. Contact us today for our special pricings! $10 Per Child

July 24th | Entrée Prep
August 14th | Cook for your parents!

For more information and reservations, contact: | 806.742.4496"

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