When it comes to playing music sometimes you are only as awesome as your band name. Now these band names are some of my favorite that I listen, because they fun to say around some just to get the weird looks.

Most of the names on my list come from metal but you never know when an awesome name can pop up out of the blue.

Checkout my list of the top 5 Metal bands and see if you can add to the list.

  • 1


    Goatwhore hailing from NOLA, has one of the most notable names in all of metal and they have some of the sickest shirts out there. I mean come on yell out the name Goatwhore and you will get attention quick!

  • 2

    Lamb Of God

    I know that I am not the only one that has gone to church and has heard the preacher say Lamb Of God, do I get a giggle, yes  and do I get weird looks that would be a yes!

  • 3

    The Sex Pistols

    Think about way back in the day, and to hear a band named The Sex Pistols, I can only imagine that people were blown away just by the name of the band.

  • 4

    Pretty Boy Floyd

    For whatever reason Pretty Boy Floyd just sounds like a awesome name to have your band represent. Yes it is still a hair metal band but still the name rocks.

  • 5


    It's a mariachi band that plays metal

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