There are some SUPER expensive cities in Texas, three of which, the richest people in the world don't even dare move to. I'm talking FANCY AF, y'all. You're best off taking a photo and moving right along when it comes to the top 3 most expensive places to live in Texas.

Take a look at the gallery below. If you see your hometown on this list, call me. I'm single and it sounds like you are my type...

Study Shows Even Rich People Avoid These Expensive Texas Cities

You'll need WAY more than $100k a year to make it. 

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Do you live in one of the cities mentioned above? I'd love to know what it's like to be loved more by God than the rest of us. Haha. Feel free to comment below this article wherever you happen to see it, or shoot me an email at and tell me what it's like living like a Texas big shot...

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