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COVID-19 has likely changed life as we know it forever. Sure, things are opening back up, but will you ever shake a stranger's hand again? I won't. But not every change is quite as anti-social as all that.

Turns out that many dads stepped up and really helped out their school-aged children during the school year. Navigating on online learning environment can be tricky for anyone. Just ask my college professors; these people have doctorates and still had issues.

According to a survey conducted by Brainly, dad helped out in the following ways:

68% of dads reported helping their kids with homework more amidst COVID than they did previously. In addition, nearly 83% of dads said they are relieved the school year is over because of the constant homeschool and homework struggles it caused.

Approximately 57% of dads said they have increased the amount of time they spend helping with household chores since the pandemic began.
The top 5 states where the majority of dads have increased their household duties are:

1. Wisconsin
2. Utah
3. Texas
4. North Carolina
5. Indiana

And this finding will warm your heart:

Over 69% of dads said the biggest silver lining during the pandemic for them has been getting to spend more time with their families. In addition, 56% of dads said they feel even closer to their families than before (and not just physically).

Of course, your dad (or your kid's dad) may have totally phoned it in. Or was "essential" and still on the job site. Every parental relationship is different, and it's up to you to decide if it's a positive or negative one.

That being said, if dad has been a great guy lately, you might show him a little extra love this Father's Day.

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