Halloween is sacred to me, and it always has been.

Whenever I think about being a little kid, I always have some Halloween memories in there. There is something special about being a kid jacked up on adrenaline knowing you're free to run wild in the night and gather up candy (Yes, I'm talking about when you're old enough to ditch your parents but not so old as to get sideways looks from homeowners).

The funny thing is, when I was a little kid in the sixties and seventies, I never heard of any weird adults calling the holiday some sort of demonic holiday. It's only in recent times that the real nutjobs have started coming out of the woodwork trying to ruin this completely innocent holiday.

In an effort to not have the zealots freak out, many places have tried to morph Halloween into Fall Festival-type events, and thus the new phrase, "Fall-o-ween".

While I'm a live and let live kind of guy, this is not live and let live. This is, "I don't like what you're doing and I'm going to try and change it" type thing. I equate this with those namby-pampy types that use substitute curse words because we know what you mean and its the intent and not the actual word that matters.

So no, I will not have your Fall-o-ween wreaths made of leaves, your Fall-o-ween elves, or any other marketing garbage that's used to co-opt this holiday.  Halloween is our time (you already know if you're one of us or not), either get on board or get out of the way.

WTF Halloween Inflatables

There's a lot going on.

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