When I was a kid, the fruit flies used to get so bad at our house in the summertime. They would hide in the drain of our kitchen sink and then come out when you turned on the water. They were always around bowls of fruit, sweet drinks, and anything sugary that was left unattended in the kitchen. Teenagers aren't the best at cleaning up after themselves, and my siblings and I totally made the situation way worse. Sorry, Mom.

When I got my first apartment, I noticed fruit flies in my kitchen when it heated up outside. My boyfriend told me that his mother used to put out a little bowl of blue dish soap to catch them. We tried it and it definitely worked, BUT, there is an even better concoction to use that has been circulating around the internet for a few years. I've tried it, and it's the very best way to get rid of fruit flies. I'm actually kind of wondering how long it will take for someone to start selling bottles of it because I'm pretty sure they'd make a killing.

Check out the viral post below and say goodbye to fruit flies forever!

This is straight-up the best solution for fruit flies. Forget expensive traps and sprays from the store. This works wonders. Just leave it out for a couple of days and wait for the magic to happen. It's kind of gross, but it totally works!

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