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I like barbecue. Scratch that, I love barbecue. I love finding new BBQ restaurants, food trucks, someone cooking in their driveway, it doesn't matter. If there is a good brisket or rack of ribs to try, I'll be there.

On Thursday, a website you've never heard of published a map and article titled "Top Cities for BBQ in the U.S." Naturally, I was intrigued. Then, I clicked on the link and my curiosity quickly turned into horror. And I wasn't alone. Suddenly, Twitter users who can't agree on anything were united in our shock and disappointment in the rankings.

The website ChefsPencil.com turned to TripAdvisor to find out which cities in the United States were best for BBQ. So which cities were in the top 10?

Coming in first place was New Orleans. New Orleans? Really? The place known for getting drunk and throwing beads? That place is now somehow king of BBQ? Second place went to Oklahoma City while Charlotte, Wichita, and Virginia Beach tied for third. Columbus ties for sixth, while Seattle came in seventh. Seattle... the land of coffee and seafood. Rounding out the top 10 was St. Louis, and then tying for 9th was Miami and Newark. El Paso was ranked 12th and then Austin came in at 18.

This is quite possibly the worst list I have ever seen for BBQ. Who wants to go to New Orleans, Columbus, Seattle, Newark, Oklahoma City, or even Miami for BBQ? Texas is king for BBQ and I think Texas Monthly responded well to the study that was done.

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