Howdy's Homemade Ice Cream is facing some big challenges right now. They are looking for support from the community. If you aren't familiar with Howdy's, they are a precious locally-owned ice cream shop that offers employment to those in our community with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Not only do they have delicious ice cream for a great price they also value their employees and help to provide them with a fantastic work environment to thrive. This business is so very special to Lubbock. If you're thinking of having a sweet treat this weekend, I highly recommend giving them a shot. Skip the chain restaurants and the places you frequent the most often, and head over there to support a small business in need.

Here's a Facebook post from my pal, Wes Wicker, that gives a little insight into their situation and why you should grab a scoop from them today:

If you happen to stop in soon, I'd love to see what you ordered! Snag a few photos of your ice cream and I'll put together a gallery of their delicious treats to show off in a future article. Let's help these guys out!

And as always, PLEASE continue to support ALL of the local businesses in our area! When you buy locally, you are helping out your friends, family, and neighbors in the 806. They appreciate your business more than you realize.

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