Lubbock gets a bad rep for being, well, ugly. We don't have a ton of trees. The grass is pretty much dead. Everything always seems to be under construction. The sun burns that crap out of you while the wind whips you with dirt. It can be overwhelming.

One Lubbock TikToker shared a video of the most beautiful hidden gems in town that almost made me spit my coffee out. I thought you might get a kick out of it too. There's nothing wrong with poking a little fun at your hometown. We can all either laugh or cry, and I've chosen to laugh. Hopefully, you have too.

Here are my favorite comments:

"The waterfall is behind the Jaguars strip club for those who don’t know" - Walker

"Ahhh yes the famous Bavarian village! It’s right next to the Ave Q Walmart!" - Sterling

"The hills in Lubbock are breath taking." - user1344043480097

"I guess I’m living on the wrong part of Marsha Sharp" - Luis Saucedo

"Yep that’s Lubbock. I love the cave swimming! Spent many summers there." -MDog53173

"lolol, don't share! it's gonna get too crowded!" - robot

"I lived there for 3 years moved 9 months ago. It 100% looks just like the pics" - ugot2bkiddingme

"Pictures don’t do it justices!" - tanker

"This is my world every time I open my front door. I sing the Sound of Music and yodel my way into this beautiful existence. Wreck ‘Em Tech." - VABporvida

Alright, alright. That's enough of that. I hope you enjoyed that silly video as much as I did. Lubbock, you are kind of ugly, but we love you all the same!

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