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I honestly have no idea why, but even after living in Lubbock for 1000 years, I had never tried Buns Over Texas (3402 73rd St,). I have zero bias against them, it was just one of those places that managed to slip by me. Until this week.

I saw a glowing review of Buns Over Texas in a fantastic place to discover new food in Lubbock- the LBK Foodies group on Facebook. Buns Over Texas is very close to the radio station and where I live so I decided to give it a day in court. Again, why had I never tried it? What is wrong with me?

It was simply fantastic. The staff was incredibly sweet, my food was great and the topping bar ensured I got as many pickles as I truly wanted, which is many, and they even had two pickle types. Huzzah!

When my food was ready they announced: "Renee, Your Buns Are Up!" How sweet of them to notice I've been doing daily squats. That was a dumb joke, you're welcome.

The whole experience got me thinking- what over great local eats have I been sleeping on? How many times have I driven right past Flavortown and got some crappy drive-through nuggies instead because I didn't bother to think about my choice? To be fair, sometimes you just really want crappy nuggies and there's nothing wrong with that.

As a result of my positive experience, I've started an extensive "to try" list for Lubbock restaurants. I hope you take up the challenge as well. You may find a new favorite.

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