Getting splash pads has been something people in Lubbock have been asking about for years. Now, it's finally been passed.

These Lubbock pools have been opened for decade, but now will be turned into something new. During the Lubbock City Council meeting, a 4-3 vote approved turning three city pools into splash pads.

The reason it was passed is that the old pools and equipment were costing the city too much to be fixed, so they're trying something new.

The decision came after nearly seven decades of city pools opening for the summer. However, aging infrastructure left staff and the city with a larger problem on their hands earlier in the season. The old equipment was going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.

Instead of pouring money into pools that are in desperate need of costly repairs, the city will use $7.8 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to replace the pools with three splash pads. Only Clapp Park will continue to offer a pool. Montelongo Pool, Mae Simmons Pool and Maxey Pool will be turned into splash pads.

When it comes to the exact amenities that will be part of the splash pad, none of that has been announced. There are also no details on how long it will take to build the splash pads or when the project will begin or end. The plan is to have them ready for next season.

These splash pads would be open for 8 months of the year, unlike the city pools that are only open for 2 to 3 months during the summer. They will be accessible to everyone and won't cost the citizens a dime.

They're also looking a building a future aquatic center. This would be an indoor and outdoor pool similar to the one at the Texas Tech Recreation Center. There's no decision on that as of yet.

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