Do you need an excuse to have a Dairy Queen Blizzard? Then here it is.

Today is "Miracle Treat Day" at participating Dairy Queens. The D.Q. ("That's what I like about Texxxx-us") locations are donating a full-on buck for every Blizzard sold to the Children's Miracle Network.

This is an incredibly gracious offer on D.Q.s part and an incredibly good reason to go have a Blizzard (I think I'd start with a Country Basket and end with a Blizzard though). The donations Dairy Queen gives are to their local hospitals so there's that too.

So let's talk about the delicious D.Q. Blizzards for a moment (as if you have to be talked into it). I don't think there's a time when I won't get Heath or Butterfinger Blizzard, but some locations are rockin' Fall Flavors like "Pumpkin Pie", "Pecan Pie", "Sea Salt Toffee Fudge" and others. Man, I am just dying over here thinking about this.

Locally our Children's Miracle Network hospital is U.M.C. I have worked very closely with their Child Life coordinator in the past and these folks are doing some very good work. I think the best way to explain it is, sometimes a kid just needs to be a kid, even in the hospital, and they do a good job of facilitating that.

So back to D.Q., most Lubbock locations open at 10:30 so start taking orders from everybody in the office right now! Imagine that, you could be the office hero by buying everybody ice cream (and getting out of some work).

I have called and confirmed, Miracle Treat Day is on in Lubbock! Go get some ice cream!

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