Etsy is a magical place to find handcrafted items. If you're anything like me, you're probably already shopping or at least planning for Christmas gifts. A normal gift becomes truly special when it's made with a personal touch and love. And you get the benefit of knowing you helped an artist or artisan make their dreams come true.

Want to take that an extra step? Shop from Etsy stores that are supplied by Lubbockites! Not only do you get that great feeling, you also keep your money in your local economy. So that artist might purchase from your store, etc.

Here are the top 5 Etsy stores that I found based on my interests. I encourage you to explore yourself.

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    Amazing Fan Art

    For master Pokemon trainers, Batman lovers, Steven Universe super fans and more, the art of Sam Gaitan is a wonderful gift. She has prints, jewelry and stickers available in her shop. I really love her prints in the style of traditional tattoo flash.

    Image via Raicodoll on Etsy
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    Dirty Deeds Soaps

    To Get Clean You Have To Get Dirty (Deeds)

    Dirty Deeds is a well established Etsy shop, having been open since 2010. They offer shaving accessories and soaps. This is a great gift for men (or for ladies like me who demand a real razor and nothing less). I love the scents; Pumpkin Ale is perfect for fall.

    These are also really wonderful groomsmen gifts if you have a wedding coming up. Dirty Deeds can also be found for sale at Culture Clothing.

    Image via Dirty Deed Soaps on Etsy
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    Lambs Art Lab


    As per LambsArtLab:

    By day I work as a Medical Illustrator for a small company in Texas. I draw organs, cells, guts and other (sometimes) unpleasant things. As much as enjoy it, I also love drawing things that aren't covered in blood. So I started this shop as an outlet for the other illustrations I found myself making in my free time. I have a particular fondness for drawing food, but you'll find a wide variety of subjects in my shop.

    Cute, indeed, and quirky, too. The food and animals are adorable, but when you can make me say "aww" over a Golgi Apparatus, you have won my heart.

    Image via Lamb Art lab on Etsy
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    Everything Modern

    Incredible Handmade Furniture

    If you're looking for unique, handcrafted furniture, Everything Modern is the place to go.

    The proprietor has 20+ years of carpentry experience and his unique, original designs are just gorgeous. I have not confirmed it, but I imagine he would allow for local pickup, which would save a ton on shipping costs.

    Image via Everything Modern on Etsy
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    Apt213 (aka Ossuaria Jewelry)

    Perfect for Halloween or if you need a gift for a truly unusual girl (right here -- I'll take 10!), Ossuaria Jewelry is jewelry made from ethically collected and pristinely-cleaned animal bones.

    The artist, Kristin Bunyard, has been featured in numerous publications, galleries and shows for her stunning art jewelry.

    Image via Apt213 on Etsy

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