I live in a Texas city that tends to get a lot of flack, so much so that a popular song said: "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in the rearview mirror." Oof. Mac David was a Lubbock native, so he's allowed to "kick my dog" but I better not hear it from any outsiders.

Honestly, any place is what you make of it. I love it here in lil ol' Lubbock- which I've seen explode in size since I was a little girl. There are many upsides- low traffic, friendly folks, and the ability to wear my favorite cowboys in literally any social situation whatsoever.

And I am happy to say that Lubbock did not rank in one of Business Insider's "50 Most Miserable Places To Live" but five Texas towns did. That's a whole 10% out of an entire country. Just remember- Texas is the size of five states so it makes sense, statistically at least.


Do you or someone you love live in one of the most miserable places to live? Here's hoping it isn't miserable for you/them.

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