Lubbockopoly is a real game, and it's here just in time to be the gift you give somebody you really just want to check off your list to be done with it.

Walmart is now carrying Lubbockopoly, a very, very thinly veiled Monopoly derivative.  It looks like it could have been fun, but it looks like someone who has never been to Lubbock designed it. It tends to mention those landmarks and things that nobody in town ever really bothers with, but always make dumb national surveys or whatever.

  • 1

    They Charge Way Too Much When You Land On The LP&L Space

  • 2

    The Wind Can Blow All The Game Pieces Off The Board At Anytime

  • 3

    If You Play As Texas Tech, You'll Lose Five Out Of Eight Times

  • 4

    You Tell Your Relatives About The Buddy Holly Space, But You Never Actually Go There

  • 5

    The Gameboard Is Just Like Lubbock: Flat And Boring

  • 6

    Every Time You Pass Go, You Hit A Pothole

  • 7

    Every Player Has To Give The City Council Part Of Their Money, Then They Use It To Buy Property You Don't Want


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