I'm a huge Disney-Pixar fan, and my children have had to endure whatever Mommy wanted to watch up until recently when they made the turn into the terrible teens. So they are fairly familiar with the cast of characters in the Toy Story franchise.

Normally, I would reserve watching a movie trailer for when I'm safely alone at home where my reaction cannot be seen or misinterpreted, but since my job at The RockShow involves entertainment, I couldn't resist checking out the new trailer for Toy Story 4.

I found myself bawling at the conclusion of the trailer, but probably not for the same reason a "normal" person would be crying over a cartoon.


Naturally, the song embedded at the end of the trailer, "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys, makes me emotional as I'm sure it would anyone who has recently lost a loved one.  The biggest reason for my overwhelming emotional response to the trailer is because of the creepy scene with the ventriloquist dummies and doll in the shop chasing Woody and his newest friend. This creepy scene is something my wacky family would be caught laughing at, hysterically, in the theater.

It makes me sad that my kids are probably too old to enjoy the Toy Story movies like we used to do, laughing over the silly similarities in how the characters and our goofy family interact with each other. It makes me even more devastatingly sad knowing that even if I can convince my teenagers to go see the movie in theaters with me, we will be missing their big brother, Thomas.

He would appreciate one of the new characters introduced in the trailer: A spork turned into a toy. He would make characters out of toothpicks and clay, bread ties and glue -- whatever he could find would instantly become a toy with a personality of its own.

I'm still not sure how to tell you all Thomas' story, but I feel the time is coming soon. #X118

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